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People say home is where the heart is and to us that’s pretty important, that’s why we’re committed to providing  solar products and energy solutions that are great for both your home and your heart. Consider Blue Sky Solar & Roofing your go-to source for energy efficiency solutions that maximize your savings and your peace of mind.

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    When you upload your electric bill, you will receive a quote via email within 24 hours. No salesperson. No kidding.

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    With solar energy, the power is in your hands

    Real, locked in savings

    Some customers enjoy annual savings of between 10-20% off their current utility rates. Immediate annual savings are incredibly helpful in a tough economy, but inflation has dramatically increased the cost of living for everyone. Going solar can save you thousands of dollars in the long run and help you achieve long-term financial happiness.

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    Increased Home Value

    According to recent research by real estate information company, Zillow, adding a solar system to a home can increase property value by up to almost 10%.

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    Bonus: Save the Planet

    Upgrading your home will reduce your carbon footprint, without negatively impacting your lifestyle. Use your air-conditoner whenever you want and still paying less.

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    We believe in creating a better future

    Around here, we believe in changing the world for the better. Leaving things better off than we found them. Whether it’s learning a new hobby, helping out a neighbor, or ensuring each customer has a memorable experience to celebrate, we focus on consistent steady improvement. We strive to make each tomorrow just a little bit better than today.

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