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Solar Skins

Need Creative Ways To Advertise Your Business? Wrap Yourself In Solar With Solar Skins.

Solar Skins are in now. Sure, you’ve seen ad wraps on cars. That’s nothing new. And for the most part, we notice little more than their flashy colors, logos, and company names. But what if that wrap could do something more than attempt to generate business? What if it could generate energy?

Now with Solar Skins, you can do it.

Integrate custom designs into solar panel systems; solar thin-film skins maintain high efficiency while doing something extraordinary. As the sun hits the skin, it is filtered to reach the solar cells beneath, which light up the custom image while producing solar energy. And the best part is that they don’t have to be ads. Instead, the custom image can match your grassy lawn or make your rooftop solar look like a typical roof. However, businesses can customize the solar skins to display business logos or a specific advertisement on the wall of the corporate headquarters. With enormous advertising budgets, real estate companies will surely take advantage of Solar Skins; the advertising possibilities are endless.


Wrap yourself in Solar Skins to advertise your solar company. Blue Sky Solar and Roofing uses a more traditional method of advertising.

Furthermore, they use rail-less racking systems, sit lower, and hide the metal components. As a result, they have a sleeker finish. So, for those put off by the look of solar panels, now you have the perfect alternative. But unfortunately, technology marches forward and seems to keep the solar industry in its crosshairs. At Blue Sky Solar, we always look for new technologies that might impact our world.

You can also monitor your system performance 24/7 on your phone, get alerts in case of any issues or solar energy outages, and prescribe suitable remedies at the correct times. The downside is that now, solar skins cost about 10 percent more than traditional solar panels. Yet, for some people, that is a cost well worth it.

Solar Skins are a great way to advertise your company creatively. After all, why not wrap yourself in Solar?

For more information on solar skins, check Energy Sage’s review of Sistine’s Solar Skins.
Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar and roofing restoration company with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Aurora, Colorado, brings this article to you. Blue Sky specializes in solar and roofing solutions for everyday people. 

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