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Surely you notice a Tesla on the road. In case you are wondering how they are selling.

Here are some quick numbers for 2018:

  • The Model 3 received the best 3 to 5 year resale value estimate from Kelley Blue Book in the luxury car category, midsize car category, and electric vehicle category.
  • Tesla opened up Model 3 orders in Europe and China.
  • The Model S and Model X pricing were modified, and production hours were reduced.
  • Tesla indicated that the Model Y was likely to be built at Gigafactory 1 as well as Gigafactory 3.
  • They also announced layoffs of ~7% of its full-time workforce.
  • Tesla announced that it held 80% of the US electric vehicle market in 2018.
  • The Model 3 was the #1 top selling luxury vehicle in the country and the 11th best-selling car overall.
  • The Model S accounted for more than one third of large luxury car sales in the US in 2018.
  • Tesla sold ~30,000 more vehicles in 2018 than Porsche and ~46,000 more vehicles than Jaguar.

Many claim this is just the beginning. Tesla is only positioned to continue to grow, and along the way, change everything we think about electric vehicles.

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