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Hail Damage

Hail damage causes an average of $1 billion damage to crops and property each year. In addition, for the most part hail comes without warning.

Thankfully, unlike hurricane coverage, which in Florida requires an additional endorsement, hail damage is a part of all homeowner’s policies. The reason is that hail is much less predictable and can hit anywhere. Yet this still leaves many homeowners wondering just how much coverage they need.


One recommendation Joe Brennan of Insurance Claims Group makes is to consider the deductible. He explains, “If your deductible is $1,000 and you don’t have $1,000 in the bank, then your deductible is too high.”

The other recommendation Brennan makes is not to wait until your roof leaks to have it assessed for hail damage. He says, “Have a professional roofer come by to take a look at your roof.  It’s important because it’s not the damage done today that matters.”

One thing every homeowner can do is to look for the amount of aggregate from the shingles in the gutters. More aggregate means more roof damage, and a higher likelihood of a roof leaks down the road.

Checking window ledges and siding for damage is another helpful step. Here, dents in the siding are indicative of damage, and future leaks.

Lastly, says Brennan, is to check your policy. Knowing what your policy covers and what it doesn’t for homeowners is often the difference between being prepared and being caught by surprise.

Brennan concludes, “You’ve paid for protection so if the 30-year shingles you put on your roof four years ago are damaged and need to be replaced, that’s 25 years of life from the shingles that you paid for and didn’t get. That’s why you have insurance and why you should file a claim.”

In summary

Hail comes without warning, and it can cause a significant amount of damage. But knowing your coverage, and having your roof inspected for damage immediately after a storm are two essential steps to keep your roof protected.

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