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The Giving Sun

We appreciate the giving sun and its benefits. By now it is evident that the Sun is vital for all living things.Without the Sun earth would not be so warm and inviting. Plants would be lifeless, resulting in no oxygen or food. The climate would be very unbalanced and unpredictable. Lastly, humans would not be so cheerful. With the help of the Sun earth is closer and closer to becoming a greener planet.

Through the years the energy harvested from the Sun has come along way. Ranging from solar architecture, greenhouses, solar cookers, solar thermal energy, and solar power. Due to these wonderful discoveries simple things such as growing out of season fruits or vegetables is now possible. Cooking food without the need for gas but
simply heat from the Sun. Furthermore, being able to power up any building without polluting the planet.

Thanks to the wonderful Sun there is now endless renewable energy. Many have made the switch and have ditched the old method of producing electricity. Not only is solar energy efficient but it is also extremely healthy for mother nature. What better way to keep our ecosystem thriving than by allowing the Sun to give us natural energy for our day to day use.

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