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The Blue Sky Difference

Are you wondering what is the Blue Sky Difference? Have you ever asked what it means to be energy efficient in your home? This is where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Blue Sky’s “Clearly Different” approach involves developing a unique, customized package that caters to you and your home’s needs. Also, we choose to go above and beyond. Furthermore, we believe everyone deserves to live a greener, more efficient, and happier life.

Promoting energy efficiency starts with our trained Energy Auditors. They are equipped with the skills to assess your home and identify a multitude of energy inefficiencies (or lack thereof). In fact, we come to you, evaluating your home for FREE, and helping you live a more energy efficient life!

We are not trying to sell you a system, we’re trying to make sure you understand how and why your home consumes energy the way it does. If you qualify, we want to eliminate your electric bill and help you put money back in your pocket. We want to promote a sustainable, environment-minded, successful future for our children and those who come after us. Every package we create is tailored entirely to your home’s needs assuring you get the most savings possible.

Becoming energy efficient will benefit you and the environment long term

By simply reducing the amount of power required to operate your home it will provide immediate results; such as, spending less on electricity, a cooler summer-warmer winter, less stress on your HVAC, and lastly diminishing those undesired temperature differences within your home.

Choosing a renewable energy source, not only establishes total energy independence, it gives back to the environment. The decision to go solar means you’ll help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and in turn reduce the amount of coal burned by approximately 5,000 pounds each year based on a yearly 7000 kwh usage. Less fossil fuel use means less greenhouse gas production. In turn you’re helping reduce global warming, smog, and protecting the penguins and polar bears!

Solar panels, unlike some fossil fuel electricity techniques, do not require water to produce electricity; therefore, you’re even helping reduce the amount of water consumed yearly. Solar energy comes from the sun and should be around for another 10 billion years per scientific breakthroughs in 2018. Fossil fuels demand disturbing our planet’s surface and at times polluting water. Switching to solar means you’re helping prevent the harvest of our planet and preserving its state for future generations.

Because Solar isn’t going away anytime soon it’s important to recognize that solar technology will only improve. In turn, we will have more and more efficient panels and as a result you will be entirely energy independent. Make the switch today and be clearly different with us!

This article is brought to you by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar and roofing company with offices in Denver, Colorado, and Dallas, Texas. Blue Sky specializes in sustainability, roofing restoration and excellent customer service.

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