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Spring Roofing Tips

These spring roofing tips will help you quick check out your roof. Now, it’s a perfect time to check your roof and maybe do a maintenance.

Here are some things to check for:

Overhanging branches

Wind, rain, and snow can break branches, bend tree limbs, and yes, land them squarely on your roof. And the reason you don’t want them there is because tree branches can scrape shingles, loosen protective granules, and essentially shorten your roof’s lifespan. The best solution is to trim back any overhanging branches.


Yes, your roof is going to collect some dust, leaves, and pine needles. But too much can hold in moisture and lead to a potential mold problem. Leaves and residue in your gutters can also block gutters, weigh them down, and in time, cause damage to your roof. Using a power blower, remove all residue from your roof.


I don’t have to tell you that mold is bad for your roof. It can deteriorate roofing materials, cause leaks, and damage everything it comes in contact with. While some roofing materials are resistant to mold, a proper inspection by a roofing professional will help you determine if and where you have mold, and how to remove it.

Missing shingles

Heavy snow, hail, and wind can damage shingles, bend them, and even tear them off entirely. Here again, the best solution is to have a complete inspection done by a roofing professional to determine the condition of your roof and address any issues before they lead to more damage.

When it comes to your roof, a proactive approach will not just save you time and money, but also extend and protect the life of your roof.


These spring roofing tips are brought to you by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar and roofing restoration company with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Aurora, Colorado. Blue Sky specializes in sustainable roofing projects, solar energy, and excellent customer service.

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