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Great news, solar leases in Florida are now legal. So, if installing a solar energy system on your roof has been a bit out of reach. Even though, it will likely pay for itself, having the money or qualifying for financing is not that easy.

The Florida Public Service Commission has unanimously voted that leasing agreements do not amount to a retail sale of electricity. In short, you can now lease a rooftop solar system in Florida without violating state utility regulations.


Power purchase agreement

Instead of owning the system, you can now sign a power purchase agreement (PPA).That means, you can use the system to generate electricity and power your home. While, you are not responsible for maintenance and repair of it. Also, by signing a PPA, you will miss out of the state and federal tax credits for installing the system.

It is a tradeoff, but for many, it is also the difference between possible and not possible. What PPAs essentially do is make solar energy systems available to the masses. Meanwhile, promoting the shift to more sustainable energy options.

According to Chief Marketing Officer for Sunnova Energy Corporation, Michael Grasso the Commission’s decision marked a turning point in the solar market, and in doing so upheld an important belief – that consumers and markets should be allowed to decide the best possible energy solutions for their needs.


PPA through Sunova

Even better, when customers sign a PPA through Sunova, they have the option to either purchase or renew the system. If you want to purchase it when the lease expires it takes typically in 20-25 years

If the goal is to become more sustainable, what PPAs do is put that goal within reach for us all. It is just one more step toward a better, and cleaner, future. With out doubt, solar leases in Florida is another victory for does who wants to go solar and needs financing.


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