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Solar Energy Jobs

Are you interested for solar energy jobs? I’m sure you’d like to earn more money. Also, we’d be willing to bet that you’d like to do something good for the planet. Although, you probably didn’t know that the two are connected. That’s right, according to new Brookings Institution research, clean energy jobs offer higher wages than the national average. Even more, most of the people holding them do not have a college degree.

Renewable energy jobs are the new coal industry jobs

They are stable and offer a high wage employment. Furthermore, despite the efforts of the current administration to boost the coal industry, solar energy jobs are booming.

For many people, it’s just simple economics. Building new renewable energy is cheaper than running existing coal plants. Every year it costs more to operate an existing coal plant when compared to building a new renewable energy plant. Additionally, by 2025, that balance is expected to shift completely in favor of renewable energy.

Further, many states and utilities have already set clean energy goals, with some even at 100%.

The result, as a recent Clean Jobs America report found, is nearly 3.3 million Americans working in clean energy – a number that is three times more than the those who work in fossil fuel. The report went on to say that with clean energy employment growing every year, the forecast is that America’s two fastest-growing jobs through 2026 will be solar installer (105% growth) and wind technician (96% growth).

Renewable energy job growth is also bi-partisan. Wind farms and manufacturing facilities exist in all fifty states. According to the Solar Foundation, solar jobs increased in 29 states during 2018. Not to mention, a 20% job growth in Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

So how much more than the national average do solar energy jobs bring? A respectable 8-19% more.

Solar Energy Jobs Salary Charts

That is a boost worth taking.


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