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Smog Reducing ShinglesIs smog reducing shingles? Yes it is. In a press release dated October 19, 2018, Malarkey Roofing Products announced the production of 3M new smog reducing granules. They will be added to their Highlander NEX laminated architectural roofing shingle line.

The Highlander NEX, says Jim Fagan, the company’s CEO and president, is already made with the innovative NEX polymer modified asphalt. Previously, it was known as Nexgen. As well as, a new solar reflective granules. Now, with the inclusion of 3M Smog-reducing granules, many consider the Highlander NEX the most sustainably manufactured asphalt.. That is a virtue that Malarkey has long held in high importance.

“We strive to include innovative technologies that improve our environment in all aspects of our operations. Granules that help transform smog gases from the air are certainly in line with that mission,” explains Fagan.

So just how does a granule on a shingle help reduce smog? As explained by the 3M, the Smog-reducing Granules help to remove smog pollution through the integration of a specialized photocatalytic coating. This coating is applied to the base mineral throughout a shingle’s surface. Activated by the sun’s UV rays, the photocatalytic coating generates radicals which then transform nitrogen oxide gases into water-soluble ions improving air quality. Over time, reducing nitrogen oxide gases can also help communities contribute toward their NOx emission reduction efforts.

What is even better is that you never see the granules – they blend inconspicuously into various shingle color combinations. And along with the 3M Smog-reducing granules, Malarkey’s Highlander NEX shingle also features 3M Cool roofing granules. Which make them reflect solar rays to cool the roof and home.

To close

For customers interested in preserving their roof and contributing to sustainability efforts, a new roof that cools your home and reduces smog is simply hard to beat.

This article is brought to you by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar and roofing company based in Aurora, Colorado. Blue Sky specializes in roofing sustainability, energy efficiency, and excellent customer service.

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