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Severe Weather in Texas

We are expecting more severe weather in Texas. The hail storm in Dallas-Fort Worth early Saturday morning may just be the beginning for Texas. With wind gusts up to 50 mph, hail, and major damage to many homes.

Hail damages

Measuring 1.25 inches, hail damaged many roofs. Furthermore, winds gusts were strong enough to rip bricks off a church in Mesquite. More storms are expected to bring high winds, hail, and more damage Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

National Weather Service said

“Some of the strongest storms could get up to golf-ball sized hail,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Lance Bucklew.

While Bucklew is concerned about the damage that could come from the hail, he said tornadoes might happen.

Because many of the storms are expected after midnight, Bucklew suggests checking the weather forecast before going to bed.

His suggestion: “Make sure you have a weather radio or some other way to get information.”

For those in Fort Worth, free text alerts are available from the Office of Emergency Management. Also, you can get notifications by registering online at

According to AccuWeather

Johnson County Emergency Management’s Jamie Moore, for tornado alley, this year could be worse than normal with a higher frequency of storms and tornadoes.

Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather’s meteorologist concurs, “We believe that the more traditional severe weather region of the central and southern Plains will have a higher potential for tornadoes and severe weather more frequently than they have experienced on average in the last three years.”


Much of this is due to warmer than normal sea surface temperature over the Gulf of Mexico. This lead to increased moisture transport from the Gulf over the region, notes Pastelok. While there are several factors that must combine to produce a severe weather season, and it is still early many point to last three years below average number of tornadoes.

For Texas residents, it is a game of wait and see.

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