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Roofing Rip-offs

Beware of Roofing Rip-offs. If you are a typical homeowner, you probably don’t know much about your roof – except that it either does the job or it doesn’t. And you probably have about fifteen thousand other things that demand your attention.

However, this is also what roofing scams depend on – an imbalance of knowledge. Essentially, if they know more than you about your roof, you are not in much of a position to argue.

So, what’s the solution?

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from Roofing Rip-offs

1.Research the company. My guess is that you wouldn’t buy a car from a company that you didn’t recognize. So why would you purchase a roof from a company that you don’t know? (An average car costs about the same as your roof, by the way.) Do yourself a favor, look up the company before you hire them. Read the reviews, ask for references, ask to speak to the contractor or company owner yourself. Once you are sure they stand behind their work, then hire them.

2. Ask to see the damage yourself. Roofing companies will tell you a lot of things about your roof, and some may make sense, and some won’t. However, any person without impaired eyesight can see roof damage. Torn shingles, curling shingles, missing flashing, broken gutters, granules in the gutters, and discolored paint are just a few examples.

3. If it’s insurance work, stay in the loop. Yes, it’s nice when someone else offers to deal with your insurance company for you – which many roofing companies will do – but this is also not a time to simply go to sleep. Why? Because this is also how roofing companies commit insurance fraud. They submit one invoice to you for your roof, and one substantially higher one to your insurance company. Profitable though it may be, it is also highly illegal, and possibly may implicate you. So, keep your eyes open. Stay in contact with your insurance company. Make sure that what they receive is also what you receive. By the way, this is also a fantastic way to run a morality and ethical check on your roofing company. If they do anything suspicious, you will know. And you will also know they are not the company for you.

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