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Blue Sky Solar and Roofing is more than just a solar company. We are guided by the principal of helping our customers live a better life in a better home. Our solutions are carefully designed to provide you a custom experience with complete control. Here is an overview of each product:


Produce your own energy, straight from the source. It’s clean. It’s consistent. And it’s yours for the taking.

Energy Storage (batteries)

Our battery storage systems reserve excess solar energy, giving you back-up power around the clock. Produce your own energy. Store It. Ultimate energy independence!

Energy Efficiency

From certified home energy audits to insulation updates, air duct sealing, efficient lighting retrofits, and more…we help to increase your home’s comfortability AND decrease its overall energy consumption.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There is no better way to increase your MPG than with solar energy. With the increase in electric vehicle use, having a charging station in your home is becoming increasingly important. Life should be efficient and convenient.

Smart Energy Management

Use our smart technology to see how energy is used in your home and then efficiently manage your home’s energy consumption…It’s like putting your home on cruise control.

Smart Home

Elevate your home with an integrated network of smart home solutions. We partner with the best in the industry to offer a truly connected home. Automated lighting, security and video solutions, smart thermostats…all controlled with your phone or your voice.

Ready to elevate your home?

We’re ready to help you improve your life and home. Our team has been helping answer questions for years. Our promise is to never “sell” you something that you do not need

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