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How Solar Panels Work And What You Need To Know Before You Invest In Your Own Power Plant On Top Of Your House.

Understanding how solar panels work, is actually very simple

We believe that solar sells itself when it is explained correctly. Teach a young child, how solar panels work, and they understand the concept right away! Our job is primarily to educate people about solar, but also to remove a lot of incorrect information from the general public’s perception. Insulation in the attic is an easy “add-on” in Colorado. It’s also our responsibility to run analytics on the roof’s potential productivity. Our consultants will happily provide quality information about your options, even if it means we don’t get the sale. We walk away from deals that are good for Blue Sky Solar, but not good for the prospect. Too much shade or ventilation is, unfortunately, sometimes keeping the best southern slopes occupied. We will walk from those deals, because we value our reputation

Either way, we will see how much savings is possible by going solar. Don’t ever forget that once the panels hit the roof, you will be in a 25-30 yr service contract. You must be very comfortable communicating with your company representative. If you are scheduled for a rooftop solar install on a Monday, and late Sunday, you notice the work order doesn’t include critter guard, but you got to have it. You should feel ok to make the call, and you should be treated with respect. Solar is not cheap, going solar is a big decision, but it never gets old seeing a person flip the switch for the very first time. Finally, you can experience living the way it should be, hearing the AC unit kick on just sounds different when you know the sun provided the power.

Understanding how solar panels work, is accomplished when you are able to observe the most abundant power source in the galaxy is easily able to keep you cool as well.

How solar panels work-The process of going solar

The Blue Sky Solar Team will show you how solar panels work, then perform an energy audit of your home and look for ways to increase the home’s energy efficiency.

Turning the sun’s power into usable electricity is exactly how solar panels work. The solar panels have no moving parts, so they take the sun’s energy and power your house once set up. Using solar energy to power your home is simple, clean, and efficient. The Blue Sky Solar team is ready to answer any questions you may have along the process. We will start by finding Energy Efficiency Solutions for your home. Then, after making your home more efficient, we can be sure you can use solar power going forward but still maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Step 2: Your Proposal

Our Blue Sky Energy Consultants will build a solar proposal specific to your home. Using the  energy consumption information going 12 months back from your utility company, the proposal will show how many solar panels will be used to produce the same amount of energy used last year, or possibly produce a little more energy than was used last year. The proposal will show how solar panels work, by describing the production from your new solar array in terms of a percentage offset. Your consultant will check with your utility company to confirm your eligibility for Net Metering. A 120% or even up to 150% offset can be advantageous when your able to Net Meter the extra energy, ensuring you get paid for the extra energy your system produces today, and many decades into the future. With Satellite imaging, the CAD software shows your home and allows you to see what it will look like with the solar panels installed. All the information gathered during the Energy Audit will now be used to customize a package that not only makes the home more efficient, but now uses solar energy to produce electricity. Going solar can be incredibly exciting for new homeowners, and we want you to have a proposal in hand, so you can take as much time as possible to be sure that you got the best package for your needs. New technologies are here and available, and Solar has never looked better. Although every home is different they all share one thing in common, the constant need for energy. Your solar proposal will explain how solar works, but will also show how New Smart Home Technologies can improve your quality of life, as it increases your homes efficiency. Soon every home in the U.S. will have different configurations of Smart Appliances, all connected to a Smart Grid.

Blue Sky Solar will be leading the chage.

Step 3: Survey & Design

This is where your solar design must now be scrutinized and put into a design. We first survey your home; property to ensure every little detail is identified and documented. Once our engineers begin to work on your job, we expect to have all equipment identified and sourced. We expect our master electricians, and nabcep certified installers to design each system to address your needs and maximize your savings, all well staying compliant with manufacturers installation guidelines and compliant with local building codes. Going solar for each homeowner is essentially equivalent to getting involved in a 25 year relationship. It’s absolutely critical that each customer takes their time making the decision to go solar. Working with their consultant to ensure the best equipment is chosen for their specific needs. Going solar with Blue Sky, means you will learn how solar panels work, and have the best possible designs the industry has to offer.

Step 4: Install & Setup

We’re experts when it comes to navigating city permits and building applications. We’ve got it all covered, even making sure you remember how solar panels work. We’ve mastered the art of solar installation, so most systems only take one day to install. You’ll have access to the power of the sun in no time.

Step 5: All Systems Go!

Just a quick inspection from your city and local utility company and it’s time to “flip the switch” Congratulations, now you can see how solar panels work in real time.

We offer home energy efficiency products & services. By first, educating consumers on how solar panels work, we can then show homeowners how to reduce their monthly payments and also help lower the nation's dependence on fossil fuels. With Smart Grids Technologies and Net Metering Programs active all across the country, almost every home can benefit from adding solar to the house. Solar panels can produce the energy each home needs, but the Smart Home products can improve the home's efficiency and the quality of life for each resident. With a Smart Electric Panel controlling all the home appliances and lights. The same Smart Electric Panel automatically starts managing energy dispersion from the backup batteries during a power outage. Ensuring that you will barely notice if a massive blackout is happening.


Produce your own energy, straight from the source. It’s clean. It’s consistent. And it’s yours for the taking.

Energy Efficiency

From certified home energy audits to insulation updates, air duct sealing, efficient lighting retrofits, and more…we help to increase your home’s comfortability AND decrease its overall energy consumption.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There is no better way to increase your MPG than with solar energy. With the increase in electric vehicle use, having a charging station in your home is becoming increasingly important. Life should be efficient and convenient.

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Smart Energy Management

Use our smart technology to see how energy is used in your home and then efficiently manage your home’s energy consumption…It’s like putting your home on cruise control.

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Smart Home

Improve your quality of life and save time with our smart home solutions. Powered by your new solar panels, find peice of mind an increase efficiencies even further with Smart technologies and energy efficient appliances. Automated lighting, security and video solutions, smart thermostats, are just the beginning. Enjoy the newest technology to make life easier, but rest assured, every component is actually lowering your energy consumption.

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We Believe in a Brighter Future

Around here, we want to believe that things can get better. We need a better future for all of humanity, and we shall inspire future leaders to forge a culture of excellence based on environmental responsibility. We strive to make each tomorrow just a little bit brighter. We believe that showing the general public, how solar panels work, we can help the environment and lower the monthly payments for many people.

Here’s how we’re changing the real world, one home at a time