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We provide simple, sensible, residential energy efficiency solutions affordable for everyone

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing is more than just a solar company. We are passionate about helping people improve the efficiency of their homes without sacrificing being comfortable all four seasons. Therefore, our residential energy efficiency solutions are carefully selected to provide a more efficient home that saves money and improves your life. Here is an overview of some products:

Solar panels

Produce your own energy, straight from the source. It’s clean. It’s consistent. And it’s yours for the taking.

Home battery and backup storage

Our battery storage systems reserve excess solar energy, giving you back-up power around the clock. Produce your own energy. Store It. Ultimate energy independence!

Sensible energy efficiency upgrades

Starting with a home energy audit, we will seek out inefficiencies in your home. We will be looking for low levels of attic insulation, old leaky air ducts, places to retrofit LED lighting, aging appliances, and of course single pane windows. These are quick easy fixes that won't break the bank. That way we can make your home more comfortable AND decrease its overall energy usage needs.

Electric vehicle charging stations

There is no better way to increase your home's efficiency than by adding solar panels to your home. With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles, having a charging station in your home is becoming increasingly important. Life should be efficient and convenient.

Smart home energy management

Use smart home technology to see how energy is used in your home and then efficiently manage your home’s energy consumption…It’s like putting your home on cruise control.

Want to find out what energy-efficient solutions will be recommended for your home?

After installing solar on your home, it’s common to want to do more. Our team is passionate about implementing the newest energy-saving devices available in smart homes and intelligent electrical panel technologies to improve your quality of life. Improved quality of life and a more efficient home means happy customers for life.

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We believe energy efficient homes will lead to a brighter future for all