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Roof Replacing

Are you think about a roof replacing? Your roof might just be worth the money. Your roof plays a central role in protecting your home, it is the barrier between your home and the elements, and can significantly affect your homes’ value.

So before you think about replacing it, consider these four tips.

1. Research your roofing contractor

Do not, I repeat do not hire a roofing contractor without first researching them. Read their reviews. Check out their BBS rating. Talk to their former customers. And, above all else, make sure they are licensed in your state, and carry insurance.

2. Know Your Building Permits

I cannot tell you how many times homeowners have been surprised to learn that the roof they installed just a few years ago does not, and maybe never did, meet building permits. This is not a little problem. A home that is not up to code cannot be sold, and, in many cases cannot be insured – or claims can be rejected.

3. Inspect The Layers Under Your Roof

Putting a new roof on top of damaged decking, joists, or anything really is simply throwing money away. Maybe worse. Why? Because it gives a false sense of confidence. You will think your roof – and your home – are okay, and the damage will continue to increase. That is the nature of water damage. So before you put that beautiful new roof on, make sure everything is sound underneath.

4. Plan For The Right Time

Having your roof replaced is a big project that is best not interrupted. Things like bad weather, problems with building permits, neighbors, or homeowners associations can put a major wrench in your plans, and significantly delay getting your roof done. Also, while most roofing companies will do their best to protect your home while the roof replacement is in process, the less your home is exposed, the better. So in this case, a little planning goes a long way.


This article about roof replacing is brought to you by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar and roofing restoration company with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Aurora, Colorado. Blue Sky specializes in sustainable roofing systems, solar panels, and excellent customer service.

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