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Protecting Roof

Protecting your roof from the snow is important. Now, many roofing companies across the country report a spike in calls from homeowners worried about the impact snow on their homes. The worry is not unjustified.

In Monroe, Washington, gutters were ripped off and a truck bed collapsed when snow came sliding off a metal roof. In Everett, Washington, the weight of the snow caused a carport to come crashing down.

According to David Martin, who works for State Roofing, roofs may be designed to hold snow weight, but once it gets wet and starts sliding, a different set of issues arise. Sliding snow can be very heavy, and yet can move very quickly.

Martion’s advice: Park your car elsewhere and have patience as you wait for the snow to melt.

When it is safe to clear your roof, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your down spout is clear if you have a flat roof.
  • Do not shovel with a metal edge – use plastic.
  • Do not use salt products on your roof.
  • Use a rake with bumpers or a broom to clear your roof.
  • Start clearing from the bottom up.

However, for many homeowners a better option is to call a professional roofing company who can clear your roof and assess any damage that your roof has sustained due to the snow. Additionally, a quality roofing company can also recommend products to keep your roof protected from the snow in the future. Not to mention, put your worries to rest.

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