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Patagonia goes solar. If you are into sports, chances are, you’ve heard of Patagonia. As well as, if you are into supporting the environment, you’ve probably also heard of Patagonia.

You see, the clothing company known for its incredibly durable sportwear, also has a sizeable influence in the green movement. Not only do they manufacture shirts and shorts from things like glass bottles, run a company program that will recycle any piece of Patagonia clothing or gear you send back to them after you’ve thoroughly abused it, they also now sell solar panels.

While most companies put a few panels on their roof, dub themselves environmentally friendly, and call it a day, as of March of this year, Patagonia partnered with Sungevity to install solar panels on more than 1,500 homes in the US.

The difference is that Patagonia will own the solar systems. Also, they will earn profit on what they produce, and claim some of that energy for their own.

Unlike typical solar companies, Patagonia looks to make homeowners partners in the solar movement, powering their homes. In addition, they are promoting solar at a faster rate than otherwise possible.

“As a company, it very much aligns with the DNA of what we do, and that’s [to] use business to inspire and influence environmental solutions,” says Phil Graves, director of corporate development at Patagonia. “We’re very passionate about moving away from fossil fuels and finite resources in every aspect of our supply chain.”

And this isn’t Patagonia’s first venture into solar. In 2014, Patagonia installed solar on 1,000 rooftops in Hawaii. Before, the island only depended on imported petroleum fuels to run its electricity-generating plants.

Making the world greener

Like this recent project, for a company that prides itself on leaving the environment in a better condition than it was found (they spend close to what Nike spends in advertising on environmental projects) it was simply an opportunity to help swing the state toward a carbon-free alternative – and demonstrate what it possible when we look to solar energy.

Patagonia going solar is an example we should all take note of.

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