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To celebrate Labor Day, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) wants to hear from you. Moreover, they are asking roofing industry professionals to show their passion for the roofing industry this week by posting on social media or sending them a video answering the question, “Why roofing?”


So why do you love roofing? Is it the ability to help others? Is it the innovation the industry offers? Maybe it is the camaraderie that you find working with others in the industry. Or maybe you and your company is focused on solar energy roofing panels and you love the idea of offering a practical energy solution for homeowners.


Whatever it is for you, the NRCA wants to know.


How to be part of it


Posted on their website, here are the instructions: “Using your phone, take a video of a roofing industry professional explaining why he or she loves working in the roofing industry. Afterwards, you can either send the video to NRCA or post it on Facebook or Instagram. Videos should be 60 seconds or less.


If you choose to post it on Facebook or Instagram, please post it this week and use the hashtag #whyroofing. Furthermore, be sure to also tag “National Roofing Contractors Association” in your Facebook post and @nrcanews on Instagram.


If you choose to send NRCA your video, please email it to [email protected] this week, and we’ll post it for you.


NRCA will share the video posts on Facebook and Instagram Aug. 26 through Aug. 30.

Help us celebrate Labor Day and share your #whyroofing story!


In brief, charge up that phone, think about what the industry offers you, and start sharing. In fact you will influence others and bring attention to a great industry.


This article is brought to you by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar and roofing restoration company with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Denver, Colorado. Blue Sky specializes in solar roofing, sustainable roofing options and excellent customer service.

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