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Solar Car

Tesla step aside, there is a new solar car on the block. And it’s not just electric. It is powered by the sun.

The Lightyear One is the world’s first long-range solar vehicle. Produced by a Dutch company, the four-passenger vehicle has already the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Not only is capable of charging itself, is has already proven that. Furthermore, even in the winter with the heat on at highway speeds, it can go 400 km. In the summer, that number should rise to an incredible 725 km.

Some main points

  • The car is designed to meet maximum passenger safety while also being the lowest weight possible.
  • Five square meters of integrated solar cells in safety glass comprise the car’s roof and hood.
  • The Lightyear One’s four independently driven wheels means no energy is lost in transit from the engine to the wheel.
  • As well as, being powered by solar, it can be charged at a charging station or a regular outlet.


According to the company’s website: “A fully-charged battery has a range of up to 800km, more than you need to go from Amsterdam to Paris. The integrated solar cells of the hood and roof let it charges up to 12km/h as it goes. The already superior range continues to extend with every hour of sunlight. So, a drive from Lisbon to Madrid can continue on to Valencia or Barcelona without stopping for anything but food.”


While the price of the Lightyear One may place it out of range for most people. The idea that, in time, gas stations could be a thing of the past, and driving could also be absolutely free is exciting. Not to mention, no longer damaging to the environment.


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