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    Solar Panel Contractor

    Solar panels

    Solar panels collect energy from the sun.

    DC to AC power

    Microinverters take the direct current (DC) power generated by your panels and convert it into alternating current (AC) power.

    Net meter

    The net meter measures the electricity you’re buying as well as the excess electricity your panels are producing and sending back to the grid.

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    With solar energy, the power is in your hands

    From locking in savings, increasing your home value, and helping the environment.

    Real, locked in savings

    Some customers average an annual savings between 10-20% off their current utility rates.

    Increased home value

    According to recent research by real estate information company, Zillow, adding a solar system to a home can increase property value by up to almost 10%.

    Save the planet

    Upgrading your home will reduce your carbon footprint, without negatively impacting your lifestyle.

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