We Care for Your Peace of Mind

We will maintain communication with your insurance company throughout the entire process, so that you can get back to your life with the least amount of headache and stress. Our goal is to make sure that your property is in better condition after the insurance claims process is complete.

Protect Your Home’s Value

We try to get everything included in your roof claim from the initial adjuster meeting. Anything that can’t be approved on the front end, will be fought for through the supplementing process.

We’ll Create a Detailed Estimate

Using Xactimate software, to hold your insurance company accountable.

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Don’t Let the Insurance Adjuster Misses Anything on Your Home

The adjuster meeting is designed to measure the damages and create a fair evaluation, but from the onset the deck of cards is not stacked in your favor. Insurance companies don’t typically agree to pay for things that they can undervalue or simply avoid paying for all together.

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