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Last month, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid was launched and it’s the first ever car with a solar roof charging system. Targeted to be placed on the latest version of its Sonata Hybrid. Moreover they plan to introduce to other vehicles over the coming years, for Hyundai it is just the beginning.


Powered partly by an electric power source, the silicon solar panels will boost fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, they can charge while the car is moving.

The expectation is that the solar panels will add 30% to 60% more power to the car’s battery. For instance, six hours of charge per day could add 1,300 kilometers per year to the car’s travel distances.  To clarify, all those extra kilometers added to the car won’t use gasoline.

Heui Won Yang, head of Hyundai, said that they will expand the technology to vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines.


As of now the new solar powered Hyundai Sonata is being sold in South Korea. As well as, it will soon be available in the American market with the first model being released in 2020.

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