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Going Solar with Blue Sky Solar and Roofing is easier than ever

We make going solar with blue sky solar as easy as possible. From your initial discussion with Blue Sky Solar’s Energy Consultants until we power up your new solar system. Let’s see if installing solar panels on your house will make your monthly payments drop

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How solar panels work

Turning the power of the sun into usable electricity isn’t very complicated. The solar panels have no moving parts, so they take the sun’s energy and power your house once set up. Using solar energy to power your home is simple, clean, and efficient. The Blue Sky Solar team is ready to show you how going solar with blue sky is easy. We will start by finding Energy Efficiency Solutions for your home. Then, after making your home more efficient, we can be sure you can use solar power going forward but still maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Battery backup

Solar Panels collect energy from the sun and convert that energy into DC power, if the energy isn’t used immediately, it must be stored. We have 4 Energy Storage Solutions ready to go!

DC to AC power

Microinverters take your panels’ direct current (DC) power and convert it into alternating (AC) power. Conveniently, your home operates on AC power.

Net meter

The net meter spins backward and forward—measuring the electricity you’re buying and the excess electricity your panels are producing and sending back to the grid.

Enjoy your solar power!

How solar panels work
Solar Panels with Blue Sky Solar and Roofing in Aurora, Co

However, it’s essential to understand that not every home is a good candidate for solar. Some homes can’t produce enough energy to power the house. In addition, many older homes have so many issues with the aging electrical system that it would cost too much to bring the home back up to code.

Therefore, we always start with the basic concept of searching for easy-to-address energy inefficiencies. For instance, bringing an older home up to code for the new home insulation standards is a cost-effective way to loosen the stranglehold most utility companies expect us to accept.

Keep reading to fully understand the undeniable benefits of solar and start saving money today.

Real, locked-in savings

Some customers average annual savings between 10-20% off their current utility rates. Immediate annual savings are beneficial in a tough economy, but inflation has dramatically increased the cost of living for everyone. Going solar can save you thousands of dollars in the long run and help you achieve long-term financial happiness.

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Increased home value

According to recent research by real estate information company Zillow, adding a solar system to a home can increase property value by up to almost 10%.

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Save the planet

Upgrading your home will reduce your carbon footprint without negatively impacting your lifestyle. Use your air-conditioner whenever you want and still save money.

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Going solar with blue sky

It’s never been easier to go solar with Blue Sky Solar and Roofing

Solar panels have so many benefits it’s hard to list them all

Locked in Savings and Power Rates

Imagine never having the power company raise the rates ever again. Then, as inflation becomes more prominent, going solar allows people to regain control. That’s the benefit of solar ownership.

Maximize Tax Incentive and Rebates

Currently, the federal government is offering a 30% tax credit for homeowners who purchase a solar system by the end of 2022. In addition, several regions and utility companies also provide tax incentives on top of the federal tax credit which will also become yours to keep. The Tax Incentives can help make going solar more accessible than ever.

At Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, we make going solar as easy as possible

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    Blue Sky Solar and roofing is improving the natural world with Solar Energy for everyone