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Blue Sky Solar and Roofing is putting the planet before profits.

Therefore, everything Blue Sky Solar and Roofing does is designed to stand the test of time

Blue Sky Solar & Roofing always puts family first! That’s why making your home as energy efficient as possible is essential to us.

We strive to put the planet’s longevity before business and profit because a brighter future requires sacrifice today.

Therefore, we ensure our services will stand the test of time and benefit future generations.

We provide an excellent service for a reasonable price because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to get solar panels installed.

Most of our customers initially reach out to us with only the intention of finding out how much it costs to get solar panels installed on their homes.

However, they are usually happy to find out that the price of installing solar is less than they are already paying their utility company.

Yet, the cost of not going solar is getting billed by your power company for the rest of your life. OUCH!… Then, more bills for your kids.

Count on us to help transition you and your home into the new era—an Era of kitchen appliances that do the cooking for you!

In an Era of one-hundred-year roofing products, imagine your one-hundred-year roof providing all the energy your home requires.

Dan and Mariam Mestas with Family
Nick and Kathy Dorotik with their som Ryan
Our values guide our journey

At Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, we aim to inspire future leaders and forge a culture of excellence based on environmental responsibility

Environmentally responsible

We all have a limited time on this planet and intend to leave this place in better shape than the way we found it. After all, it’s the only one we got. However, although technology is inevitable at this point, that doesn’t mean we have no responsibility to protect this amazing planet.

Humble confidence

We don’t tolerate attention-seeking behavior around here. If you crave attention, do it somewhere else. We are content with doing the right thing, for only the personal satisfaction of knowing it’s the right thing to do.

Hungry to learn

We find comfort in uncertainty. An unquenchable thirst bonds us to learn new things. As soon as items become easy, our curiosity pulls us back into the beautiful world of uncertainty. We accept that we all must continue to learn. We embrace a meritocratic style of the search for truth. We let the best ideas prevail.

Willing to push through limits

Unable to accept the limits we see around us, we strive to set our standards and not be inhibited by others’ expectations. Therefore, we will always applaud the individual who has embarked on a course of improving and not being limited by what they achieved yesterday.

Don’t be the problem

A certain amount of hardship is required when attempting to accomplish something meaningful. Problems will undoubtedly develop. However, presenting a situation without thinking it through and offering a possible solution is merely whining. We must agree to disagree productively. If you don’t agree with something, please, Speak Up! Please tell us how you feel! But always keep it productive, and remain in the pursuit of truth.

Do it even when you hate it

Some of the most beautiful things in life are on the other side of fear. We don’t limit our expectations based on our fears and are happy to explore the potential upside of doing the most challenging thing at any given time. If it were easy, everyone would do it!

Committed to building a hundred-year company

We make decisions based on what will likely ensure that Blue Sky is still here in a hundred years. We want our kids to ponder the next generation’s right decision still.

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