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Google Offered One Million For A Solar Breakthrough

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Google has changed many things about the way we live our lives. Not only is information so much more easily accessed and shared, as more people use Google, there is simply more information to be had.

Well Google is not ready to stop anytime soon. Their next challenge was to do for energy what they have done for information.

Yes, you heard that right. Google would like to make solar energy as accessible as the internet.

How they planned to do it is by offering a one-million-dollar prize for the best design for a device no bigger than a laptop that can efficiently convert direct current to alternating current.

Because renewable energy sources like solar create direct current, in order to be used in homes, it must be converted to alternating current – which is what is typically used in homes and businesses.

So to solve this problem, Google teamed with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers to back a “LittleboxChallenge” that asks anyone with the capability to attempt to create a design for a converter that is much smaller and easier to use than what is available now.

“Whoever gets it done will help change the future of electricity,says Eric Raymond of the Google Green Team. As Raymond explains, small inverters could make it possible to create low-cost power grids in remote places and in the process, unlock some serious energy potential.

So, interested in seeing who the winner of the competition was? Details can be found online at littleboxchallenge.com.

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