3 innovative smart electric panel options.

Smart electric panels are relatively new to the marketplace. Although the technology is nothing new, this is a new application for a technology that now allows algorithms to decide when to turn on or off electrical circuits in your home. Solar customers have recently been using these smart panels as an add-on when they decide to connect a battery backup. The Smart panels connect all the dots when you already have solar on your home, but you decide to add battery storage. Adding batteries to your current solar setup is becoming more common because the extra storage allows the systems to keep the power humming if the grid goes down. The issue becomes, How do you manage loads of the possible twenty or even thirty circuits powering different parts of the home? Most homes cannot differentiate which circuit uses what amount of power and can’t prevent the loss of power besides just physically turning off the breaker. Smart electric panels are completely changing the spectrum of what is possible, and they pay for themselves with the savings they create by keeping the phantom loads down. There have never been any real benefits for the houses that learned this stuff. Thinking about it now, could you name which circuits are used inside your home?

How to manage loads for battery backup using a smart electric panel
Would you be able to say that each one of those circuits absolutely must be switched on right now? In other words, is there a chance that an algorithm could more or less manage all the circuits in your home, which could add to significant savings? An intelligent electrical panel does precisely that because, until now, that added up to wasted energy. Wasted energy would result in a slightly higher monthly bill. Now, it can easily be cash in your pocket each month, and the significant benefit comes when the power goes out. These devices will immediately re-assess the amount of power stored and start finding ways to stretch that energy to last through the night.

Let’s take a look at these 3 innovative smart electric panel options.

Span io– The Span IO Smart service panel installed is $6150 total. It comes with a 10-year warranty and eliminates the need for critical load panels and gutter boxes. Change the distribution of power and circuitry in real-time in an emergency. Built to integrate with LG Chem RESU, SolarEdge Energy Bank (with SolarEdge Energy Hub Backup Interface), and Tesla Powerwall and Powerwall+ (with Backup Gateway 1, Backup Gateway 2, or Backup Switch). Additionally, SPAN Panel integrates perfectly with induction stoves, heat pumps, EV chargers, etc. It allows you to move away from gas appliances and prepare for an all-electric future! The span team has prepared for almost every variable, and I’m sure we will see widespread adoption of these units, as this represents the “high-end” side of this new market. The Website notes that the Span will only accommodate 32 circuits or 200 Amp. Unfortunately, larger homes will need 2, with the unit costing $4200; you will be paying just over $10k with labor for both units installed.

Lumin smart panel: Lumin’s product is what they call “Responsive Energy Management” technology. The Lumin allows you to control loads in real time through the app. It also provides insights that can help you keep consumption under control. The Lumin platform is fully customizable for each property owner. The Lumin can take ordinary circuits and make them “smart.” If you have battery storage, the Lumin will automatically start seeking out vampire loads and mathematically check how long the current charge has to keep things running. It then systematically starts shedding loads so that you or your business will be fine. Except, of course, once your neighbors notice and start pouring over. The Lumin carries a 10-year warranty. It is probably worth saving up and getting everything installed at once with a licensed installer. An average-sized home in the U.S. should expect to pay about $3850.

Leviton Load Center– (i.e., Breaker Box, Breaker Panel) The Leviton has taken what Lumin started but they have taken things further. You can purchase individual Smart Circuit Breakers for insights on energy usage and control of your panel. It is much more customizable than the others. Additionally, in this post-corona virus era, availability is a big question for all these devices. Considering you can throw together a Leviton package on Amazon, or Home Depot, the Leviton team is truly light years ahead in this department. Also, the Leviton Circuit Breaker unit is unique with entirely plug-on technology. So the neutral and hot wires terminate at the custom lugs along the breaker panel; the circuit breakers get plugged in later. You won’t need pigtails so that no excess wires will hang around your breaker box and cause safety concerns. Priced to move, you will pay less for the Leviton installed than the other units. With the breaker box and a couple of smart circuits, you will be under $1200. Double that if you go for every breaker and have 20 in your home.
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These specific 3 innovative smart electric panel options will soon flood the marketplace because the benefits are significant.

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