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      Homeowners in Aurora CO. should have their roofs inspected by a local, licensed AUrora Roofing Contractor after every storm.

      If you own a home in Aurora, you should find a local, reputable roofing company to come and inspect your home for damages after every single hail or wind storm. Most local roofing companies will be happy to perform an inspection for storm damage. A tremendous local roofing or restoration contractor won’t even charge you for the roof check-up. If the roof needs immediate repairs, the roofers should quote you on the spot or offer to bill directly to your insurance carrier. You will maintain some peace of mind with a local roofing company during the Colorado storm season. Just search for Aurora Roofing Contractor or a Roofing Contractor Near Me, and Blue Sky Solar and Roofing will appear locally for Aurora residents.

      Can Blue Sky roofing contractors find a public adjuster if my hail claim gets denied for my Aurora home?

      Although if the damage has occurred from a previous storm, and you know that you’re home has previous damage. You will want to find a local roofing company that partners with a local Public Adjuster. Blue Sky Roofing has Public Adjusters we have worked with for many years, but a list of local Aurora licensed Public Adjusters can be found here.

      If my home in Aurora hasn’t had any hail damage, the shingles look like they are lifting from the wind. Do I still need a roof inspection?

      Strong wind gusts can pull apart loose nails from the decking and easily crease old, brittle asphalt shingles. These wind damages can accumulate over time. A slight wind event might leave only traces of wear and be almost impossible to identify. However, over time the wind events add up. Colorado is already a very windy state.  So far, 2022 is looking like one of the Windiest on Record.

      Does Blue Sky perform temporary repairs if the wind lifts sections of my roof?

      Strong winds can take a toll on your roof. It will only worsen if you have had damage from previous wind storms. Leaks can and will appear quickly if a storm leaves the top open. Leaks can cause moisture and mildew inside the home. The damage from humidity inside the house will soon become very expensive.

      Can Blue Sky bill my insurance for temporary roof repairs?

      Almost all insurance companies expect the policy holders to prevent water from entering the home after a storm. Usually, a homeowner is held responsible for damages not mitigated after the initial storm. Luckily, our team of aurora roofing contractors will gladly perform any temporary repairs to your roof. In addition, we will install tarps to mitigate further damage to your Aurora home. We will also document the entire process for your insurance company, so you keep your money where it belongs.

      Residential and commercial roofing in Aurora, Colorado

      Ask for a no obligation hail and wind damage inspection for your Aurora home or business today. You might be surprised at how much damage even the smallest colorado storms can produce on your roof. If your roof is damaged and needs to be replaced, ask us how to harness the sun’s energy to get your new roof working for you! A roof claim can easily be upgraded to a solar roof. Use our Solar Calculator to find out if your home is a good canidate for solar.

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      There is no charge for a hail inspection within the zip codes we service. Learn more about the Blue Sky Solar and Roofing Process.

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