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clean energy

Germany keeps raising the bar on solar energy. In 2017, over 40% of all electricity consumed in Germany was provided by renewable sources.  Such as wind, biomass, hydroelectric, and solar power.

Yet on April 30, of 2017, Germany yet again established a new record for renewable energy use. On that day, 85% of all the electricity consumed in Germany was being produced from renewables.

The record on solar energy is even more impressive

As Patrick Graichen of Agora Energiewende Initiative says, “Most of Germany’s coal-fired power stations were not even operating on Sunday, April 30th.”

Graichen further notes that this record is a glimpse of what is to come. By 2030, the investments made in renewable energy resources since 2010 should begin to really pay off.

Just one example is an energy auction for the rights to produce electricity from wind turbines off the coast of Germany that surprised many by drawing relatively low prices – despite the fact that no energy subsidies were involved in the tender.

While critics often claim that renewable energy projects only survive due to government incentives, this most recent auction offers a different perspective: renewables can stand on their own, and do quite easily.

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