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Flower Mound Tx becoming a hotbed for solar!


Flower Mound Residents Seek out these Attributes, When Searching for a Solar Contractor to Install Panels on Their Home

The City of Flower Mound has approved solar panel installations for 47 homes since January 2022.

According to the forecasted estimates of the last census the average population for Flower Mound, TX is about 83 thousand residents. That means at least 12 of your fellow neighbors in Flower Mound are going solar each month.

While that’s a good start, there are still many homeowners and commercial businesses in the city of Flower Mound who haven’t tapped into the free benefits of the sun. With electricity rates skyrocketing, in just this year alone, going solar has become the next savvy move for all of us!

So you’re ready to stop overpaying but where do you start? Who do you contact? What should you be looking for? And what kind of incentives are in store for you?

As one of the leading solar installers in Flower Mound , TX Blue Sky Solar is here to show you the way to clean-green energy! We are clearly different from your average solar company and strive to go above and beyond to meet your needs!

When Flower Mound Residents Start Their Search for a Solar Contractor They Find These Attributes are the Most Important.

Choosing a solar installer is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make. By keeping a few of these things in mind it will allow you to pick one of the top solar companies in the Flower Mound area: 

  • Years of experience
  • Quality in product and service
  • Availability of affordable products
  • Company credibility
  • Warranties offered
  • Office location

Solar Energy Save Money

One thing that makes Blue Sky Solar clearly different from other companies is our ability to install everything in-house.

We are fully staffed with top of the line engineers, solar installers, inspectors, and fully knowledgeable sales representatives. This in turn helps our install times be quick and seamless. Most companies just sell the product but have nothing to do with installation or any issues thereafter. In the back-end this becomes an issue for the customer. Not only do you get confused on who to communicate with but you’re left with multiple points of contact and things can get messy really quickly.

Blue Sky Solar is Flower Mound’s one stop shop for all of your roofing and solar needs.

Our solar representatives are very flexible. They are able to meet you virtually, at your home/business, or just over the phone. If your only down time is at 11p ,you name it and, we will make it happen! Going solar doesn’t have to be painful.

For any of our fellow Flower Mound, TX residents that are looking for an exemplary solar company check out Blue Sky Solar and Roofing for a free roof inspection or solar proposal. 


Local and Government Solar Incentives.

The city of Flower Mound, TX has incentives set in place for homeowners that renovate their home with renewable energy resources.

The incentive will be paid to the homeowner pursuant to the agreement on April 1 of the first full calendar year subsequent to completion of the approved project.” from the city Flower Mound website.  

“The Home Improvement Incentive Program allows for anyone who owns a home in a single-family zoned area (who is also in good standing with their state taxes and other town fees) to be eligible for this incentive. The project in question must revolve around the reconstruction or remodeling of a single-family home, and must cost at least $20,000 dollars. Also, the project must be completed within 24 months from the date of approval.” 

Add that to the incentive the government has in place and it’s a cherry on top. When you purchase a solar system you are eligible to receive 26% of the total cost back on your taxes. This is expected to last through December 2022- so it’s crucial to act fast. If your system’s total cost is $10,000 you would have $2,600 back to use however you’d like! Whether you reinvest it in your system, take a nice family vacation or use it to pay off some bills that money is yours. 

Flower Mound TX, Solar tax credit schedule

To conclude: solar helps our planet stay beautiful, you get awesome incentives and you can become the owner of your own energy!

Whether you’re a business or resident in Flower Mound, TX reach out to Blue Sky Solar and Roofing so we can provide you with a free solar proposal. We take in mind your current and future energy needs. 

See you soon!

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