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Common Roof Problems

Any roof can have problems. In particular, these five common roof problems. Moreover, if you treat them on time, you will prevent much larger ones down the road.

Bad Installation

A roof is a system, and like any other system, all parts have to function well for it to work. Flashing that isn’t installed correctly, gutters that are not held tightly, or seams that are not watertight all become your roof’s worst enemies down the road.


Certainly, roofs and moisture don’t mix. Any water getting under your roof, in between shingles, or into the seams will cause damage. Most likely, in the form of wood rot and mold.

Hail Damage

Punctures in your roof destroy the seal that your roof is meant to provide. What that means is that moisture can get into your roof, and into the underlying structures. Also, punctures can also destroy the sealing and flashing around shingles, which further predisposes them to water damage.

Poor air flow

Your roof needs ventilation so that warm air can leave and cool air can be drawn down into your attic. Adequate ventilation also helps regulate the temperature of your roof, preventing it from becoming too hot, which can not only run your energy bills exponentially high, but also predispose your roof to moisture and mildew problems down the road.

Lack of maintenance

It cannot be said enough that your roof best friend is regular maintenance. While many problems start out as minor, if the are addressed on time you can precent major ones.


Your roof is your house’s best protection from moisture. Furthermore, avoiding these common roof problems not only preserves your roof, but also protects your largest investment.

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