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What Happened To Those Tesla Solar Roofs

With electric cars everywhere, many people ask, “What happened to those tesla solar roofs?”

Although everything that Tesla has put into production has quickly become wildly successful, the Tesla Solar Roof also captured people’s imaginations. Elon Musk announced this disruptive roofing product on October 28, 2016.

Although it appeared that Tesla had a full plate, it seemed to thrive under pressure. Everything was moving along, or so it seemed. Surprisingly, just two years later, in October 2018, Reuters reported that only 12 solar roofs had been installed in California by Tesla, according to Business Insider.

Then in 2019, after making some production changes, Elon Musk declared it would be the year of the solar roof. Unfortunately, at $6/watt, the Tesla solar roof is still easily double the price of a comparative traditional rooftop solar system. Furthermore, at $6/w, even a financed Tesla Solar Roof will cost more monthly than the competition. Use this online Tesla Solar Roof Calculator to get a specific price for a tesla solar roof on your home.

The only viable scenario to make this product competitive is for customers already shopping for a new roof. According to Verisk’s 2021 report, more than six million properties incurred damage from hail in 2020. With losses totaling over 14 billion for that year, Elon and his team see the potential for a product that can withstand hail damage. Fortunately, the Tesla product has a class 3 hail rating. Therefore, hail storms should not be an issue for this durable new product. It is common for residents of Colorado to endure three to four total roof replacements from hail damage in 25 years. At a conservative $15k each, a financed Tesla Solar Roof starts looking like a bargain. So, where are the Tesla Solar Roofs?

Tesla has returned many of the $1000 deposits, according to Not a surprise, considering these solar roofs come with a thirty-year warranty. That might be to much liability for even the richest man alive.