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Energy Consultation

An energy consultation assess your current energy usage by reviewing your recent energy bills. We look at factors like time of day that most energy is used. For instance, appliances that draw the most amount of energy, and your energy habits. Once we have an idea of how you are using your energy, we will guide you through the process. Explaining how you can reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills.

A solar energy consultation begins by educating you about solar panels. Because, each home is unique, and energy production depends on the number of solar panels installed. As well as, the hours of the day they are exposed to the sun and energy production levels can vary. Understand yours with a home assessment.

Once we have an idea of how much energy our solar panels can produce for you, we can assess just how much you will cut down on your energy costs monthly, and yearly. We will also discuss with you any relevant tax credits available – they vary by state and year – and how you can use these to save on the cost of going solar. From there, our consultants can walk you through the process. Starting with choosing the location for your solar panels, installing them, hooking them up, and finally, producing your own energy.

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