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Double sided or bi-facial solar panels allow many homeowners to get a lot more bang for their solar buck.

Solar energy keeps growing every day

It is hard to drive around today and not see some form of solar energy. For instance, solar panels on a roof, electric cars, or a small solar collector used to power an electric fence.

The solar power industry is constantly growing, and with this growth, new technology is emerging. Above all, the new panels provide more energy, better sunlight conversion rates, and are more efficient.

Double sided solar panels, another innovation

Double sided solar panels use both sides of the panel to collect sunlight. In other words, they collect sunlight through their top surface and as it reflects off the roof surface through their bottom surface. As well as, offering a 25 percent increase in energy. 

You can install them on the roof with a white border typically painted around the solar panel system to maximize reflection. However, you can install them on the ground to maximize the reflection, especially in the winter with snowfall.

LG was the first one to introduced this new solar panel. The panel is called the Neon2. After that, the company SolarWorld produced a double sided panel named the Sunmodule, it is predicted that we could soon see solar panels with capacities as high as 435 watts. (Typical panels have capacities around 410 watts.)

What this means for the solar industry is another new, exciting advance in what has proven to be one of the strongest industries of our time. And what this means for consumers is yet another way to save energy, save money, and live sustainably.

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