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Disney Goes Solar

Disney goes solar and keeps innovating. Perhaps, it shouldn’t surprise you that Disney’s latest production has a rather lofty goal – to power two theme parks.

You heard that right. Disney has just finished production on a solar farm the size of two of its’ Magic Kingdom parks.

With more than 500,000 solar panels which rotate to follow the sun, it can now produce enough electricity to run two of Disney’s theme parks. On any given day, 25 percent of the entire Walt Disney World Resort runs on solar power. And at Epcot center? The solar panels are shaped like Mickey Mouse.

Construction on the solar farm began last June by Origis Energy, a large solar development company. Each panel produces about 120 watts, and times half a million, that adds up to a lot of energy. Enough energy, in fact, that Disney’s government – Reedy Creek Improvement District – purchases back the excess energy its’ the solar farm produces.

So what’s the overall goal? Disney is looking to reduce their emissions by fifty percent by next year.

As Disney is also expanding their conservation efforts to include reusing water, and repurposing land, they set an example we can all follow – although those Mickey Mouse shaped solar panels may cost a bit extra.

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