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Solar Inverters
Different Types Of Solar Inverters 2

Taking a Look At The Different Types of Solar Inverters On The Market

Deciding on which type of solar inverters to use is a critical step in the design of your new solar energy system, however it should be an easy after reading this article. The inverters will convert the energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Moreover, they monitor the entire system’s performance and can provide diagnostic data to identify any potential problems. Also, solar inverters can store energy in the battery or send energy back to the power grid. Enphase inverters are known for their ease of use and longevity.

The Main Functions Of Solar Inverter’s Are:

    • Conversion of the sun’s energy from DC to AC.
    • Maximizing energy production.
    • Improving grid assistance capability.
    • Tracking the power output efficiently.
    • Ensuring the system works safely.
    • Increasing overall efficiency of the solar array.


Types Of Solar Inverters

String inverters are best suited for homeowners looking for an efficient, low-cost option that is reliable, easy to maintain, and has a high degree of flexibility. String inverters perform worse in shady conditions.

Central inverters are generally used for large-scale operations, such as solar farms or industrial-sized solar projects. They are optimized per watt cost and are usually easy to install and maintain. These don’t appear on residential jobs, but they are cost-efficient.

Micro inverters are installed individually on the back of each panel, they are smaller in size than string inverters and generally comes with a capacity of 250-400 watts. Micro inverters are effective when not all solar panels receive the same degree of sunlight. Therefore, they can help optimize the production of the entire system. However, a separate inverter is required for each panel. Consequently, they can be more costly than string inverters. They require more maintenance, and they take longer to install.


With many options for types of solar inverters to use, you should use the best set up for your specific situation, with guidance from a local licenced solar installer in your area.

Which inverters you choose will, of course, depend on the type of solar project you are creating, and there are many more options than listed here and undoubtedly many more to come. However, that is the exciting thing about solar energy – it is an industry evolving more rapidly than we could have ever imagined.

One of the best ways to contribute to preserving the environment is to use solar energy. Solar power reduces the dependence on less environmentally friendly energy options, but it is also a choice that supports an essential and universal issue.

Getting to know what is the difference between solar inverters is excellent research.

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