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Community Solar Project in Zimbabwe

A new community solar project brings hope to Zimbabwe. Just last quarter, a subsidiary of German developer Soventix signed a contract to build one of the largest solar PV projects in Zimbabwe standing at 22MW.

Constructed on 40 hectares of land in the Bwoni Village, Seke Rural District. Located South West of the city of Harare, the project will include 66,528 solar modules and 192 string inverters. It is expected to have an approximate energy generation capacity of 40GWh per year.

“Infrastructure development, particularly energy generation is a cornerstone to growing an economy. Pioneering such projects into Africa has its challenges. However, through commitment and tenacity both Soventix SA and the developer have overcome. I am very confident that the excellent cooperation will continue throughout the realization process. Furthermore, I am looking forward to the start of construction. It is a privilege to be part of this project,” explains Jean-Paul de Villiers, MD of Soventix South Africa.

While the project is being funded by Botswana-based clean energy investor and IPP Invest Solar Africa limited, local villagers will own 10% of the project through a Community Development Share Ownership Trust.

For Thorsten Preugschas, CEO of Soventix the project makes perfect sense. He notes that the photovoltaic market in Zimbabwe offers “great weather conditions to use the potential of solar energy.” Moreover, stabilizing energy supply has long been a need to support the local economy and Soventix’s project aims to do just that – so much so that Preugschas predicts ongoing development in African markets.

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This projects offer many incentives to international investors. Surely, they are a welcome change for an area that has struggled for many years with energy reliability.


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