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Choosing the right roofing company is really important. We’ve all heard the horror stories. For instance, a storm hits, the roofing companies contact your insurance company, file a claim, collect a check and disappear.


And as much as you may think fixing your roof is a headache, it really shouldn’t be. However, it all starts with choosing the right person.


Here are three tips for choosing the right roofing company


  1. Check their License and Insurance. Yes, it goes without saying that to perform a service, a business should have a license – and one in their state. However, you’d be surprised at how many roofing companies are not licensed in the states where they try to wrangle up business. This is also what is known as “storm chasing”. So, you can probably guess that if they haven’t bothered to secure a license where they operate, they most likely haven’t bothered to secure insurance either. What that means for you is that you have little, if any, protection when things don’t work out. You have no overseeing board to report them to, and no company to insure their work, or help you if the work never takes place. So, your first step before speaking to any potential roofing company is be sure that they are licensed and insured where you live.


  1. Check Their Reviews. Today, you can find reviews for companies on multiple sites from the Better Business Bureau, to Yelp, Google, or LinkedIn. You could find out what a company is all about, how they operate, and if their customers are satisfied. So, right after checking for that license and insurance, you should be reading their reviews.


  1. Ask to Speak to the Company’s Owner. A company whose owner is not directly involved in the service they provide has no skin in the game. Moreover, they won’t have a lot of incentive to ensure your satisfaction. Asking to speak to the owner reveals their availability. Furthermore, that should tell you all you need to know about how they will respond if things don’t go well.


In summary

Check the license and insurance, read the reviews, and ask to speak to the owner. Three quick steps that don’t take long but will save you a tremendous amount of energy in the long run.


This article is brought to you by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar and roofing restoration company with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Denver, Colorado. Blue Sky specializes in solar roofing, sustainable roofing options and excellent customer service.


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