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Burlington Goes Solar

Burlington Goes Solar By 100%, that’s a game changer. While it’s not hard to imagine a small isolated village of say 800 residents going 100 percent solar. In fact, in cities where the population is much larger like Burlington (42,000 people) the story is much more compelling.

By implementing a variety of renewable power generation, such as several hydroelectric plants around the city that generate 25% of the power required by the city. As well as, multiple solar and wind farms that generate 34% of the total power. In fact, the city has done what only three other cities in the United States to date have achieved. (Aspen, Greensburg, and Scituate are the other three.)

For Burlington, it was the purchase of a 7.4 MW hydroelectric facility on the Winooski River that tipped the scales and put it at 100% renewable electricity.

As Christopher Recchia, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Public Service, explains, “It shows that we’re able to do it, and we’re able to do it cost effectively in a way that makes Vermonters really positioned well for the future.”

And for the state of Vermont, this is just the beginning. Already recognized as America’s greenest state, by Forbes – in a tie with Oregon. Vermont has a goal of generating 90% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2050.

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Solar may not seem viable in a state known for forests, rain, and fog. Although, Germany which has less than sunny climate, leads the way in solar energy. And for those that argue that energy efficiency inhibits economic growth consider this: Vermont hosts about 13 million tourists each year, which is twenty times the number of permanent residents.

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