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Bomb Cyclone

Bomb cyclone hits Colorado. With thousand stranded in their cars, hurricane winds blasting, and blizzard conditions, many were calling Colorado’s latest storm, on March 13th, “Not your average storm.”

Law enforcement officers were forced to abandon their vehicles. According to Elbert County Manager Sam Albrecht, “We are at the point where we are rescuing rescuers out there.”

On Interstate 25 near Wellington Colorado, 100 vehicles were involved in an accident.

All this due to what is now being called a bomb cyclone. When there is a rapid pressure drop, with a decrease of at least 24 millibars (a measure of atmospheric pressure) over 25 hours, it’s called a bomb cyclone. This storm dropped 33 millibars in 24 hours.

The damage is not minor. According to Excel Energy, at least 184,000 customers were left in the dark. More than 2000 US flights were cancelled, multiple school districts were closed, Governor Jared Polis declared a state of emergency, and at this point, there is no estimate as to how many people have been stranded.

The storm is expected to grow in strength, pushing east toward the lower to middle Mississippi valley with heavy rains. As well as, flooding, and more severe weather.

In terms of minimum pressure, it’s the lowest on record for Colorado, making this storm the strongest in Colorado’s history. Once the snow clears, we will know total cost of the storm in terms of property damage.

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