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After many years of replacing roofs due to hail damage, in Denver, Colorado, and Dallas, Texas and watching how wasteful the entire process could be, we started asking ourselves, “Is there a better way?” leading us to deliver the best roof systems available.

Working towards more sustainable materials and procedures, we believe we can work together towards a brighter future. Our goal is to cover the Denver metro area with 4000 kilowatts of solar panels, to help protect and prolong the current roof systems, well simultaneously helping to push the newest technologies in sustainable building materials.

Save Money Going Solar

A new solar system can prolong the life of the roof as the panels serve as a shield for the elements preventing the sun’s damaging rays from deteriorating the roof, and they can even often times prevent or at least minimize hail damage.

Our Consultants Are Ready to Help You

We offer asphalt roofing systems, concrete tile roofs, metal roof systems, wood shake. Feel free to ask for a roofing consultation and you will be surprised how much money you can save when you plan around the weather, and harness the sun, to get your roof working for you!

Here is how we are clearly different

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