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Solar Farm In England

A new solar farm In England, it is a grandiose plan, but it just might work. The goal is to provide up to 350 megawatts of generating capacity. Meanwhile, offering the lowest cost electricity for the UK network, without needing subsidies to stay in business.

The 1000 acre plant, called Cleve Hill, will be designed to include battery storage. Which means that energy could be stored and used to balance out fluctuating electricity prices.

But more importantly, because the plant will not rely on government subsidies, it will not be affected by politics. In the past, solar growth has been at the mercy of the subsidies the government. In other words, when subsidies were high, installation rates rose, or when subsidies were low, installation rates plummeted.

Of course, installation rates also affect those who work in the solar industry. Moreover, maintaining steady work has always been a concern in an industry that can be so unstable. As of now, for example, the subsidy rate is low and many claim that money can’t be made in solar.

Cleve Hill would change all that

Not just would it demonstrate that government subsidies aren’t necessary to make money in solar, but it will also provide the stability that those who work in the industry have been waiting to see.

While some argue that producing solar on such a large scale might indicate that solar can only exist without subsidy when mass produced – making solar panels on roofs somewhat obsolete – many feel it is a step in the right direction – toward freeing solar from the need for government help.

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