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Sunscreen for Roof

Sunscreen for Roof? I’d bet you think about sunscreen before you go outside on a hot and sunny day. Also, have you noticed when a car is left out in the sun for long periods and has pain damage? Well, the same thing can happen to your roof.

So, just like your own skin or the paint on your car, your roof can suffer from sun damage.

When you see bleaching on the color of your shingles, deformity of the shingles themselves, crumbling shingles that leave granules in your gutters, or warped shingles, it’s time to take notice.

So what should you do?

The first step is to have your roof inspected by a licensed roofing professional. A good inspection will reveal just where there is sun damage. As well as, if any repairs are needed.

The next step is to do any needed repairs, or in some cases, have your roof replaced. Moreover, a quality roofing professional is able to tell you if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced entirely.

The last step is to stay up on regular maintenance for your roof. Check you roof regularly for any damage or decay. Also, make sure your drains and gutters are clear. Finally, have a yearly roof inspection done by a licensed roofing professional.

Like your skin, sunscreen for roof is used be protected from the sun. Taking these steps will not just help prevent sun damage to your roof, but extend the life of your roof, and in the end, protect your investment.

This article is brought to you by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar and roofing restoration company with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Denver, Colorado. Blue Sky specializes in solar roofing, sustainable roofing options and excellent customer service.

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