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3D Printed House

A 3D Printed House? That’s right. Sure, you’ve heard of 3D printed mugs, T-shirts and dog collars, but a house?

ICON, a construction technology company teamed up with New Story, a non-profit that builds homes in low-income countries. In order to develop homes for a community in Latin America who earns less than $200 per month.

After a year refining the model, ICON co-founder Jason Ballard and his team created one that has nearly zero waste. Furthermore, it has high thermal mass and is reliant to harsh weather conditions. Also, it takes 24 hours to build it.

Using the Vulcan II printer, the first printer which has the capability of printing houses. Now, anyone with basic training can print their house.

For ICON and New Story, the materials are locally sourced and donors fund the houses. For the rest of us, the future is clear: with 3D printing, the possibilities in home ownership are endless.

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