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3 Reasons To Install Solar Panels in Denver

Are you considering going solar in Denver? Let’s look at some main reasons Denver residents are now installing solar panels.

Solar panels may be expensive to set up, which has locals asking, “How much does it cost to put solar panels on your house Denver?”

The short answer is, “It’s complicated.” With every house being different, it would be irresponsible to answer without having more information. However, the question, “Is solar in Colorado worth it?” is much easier to answer. Now, we can start comparing other states or even utility companies and different plans. Keep reading, and we will identify the 3 main reasons to install solar panels in Denver.

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3 reasons to install solar panels in Denver

If you live in Denver and have enough south-facing roof space, solar panels could pay for themselves in just a few short years. However, they can immediately reduce your monthly payments by ten or even twenty percentReduced monthly payments mean the ROI is instant. Although, the real serious savings kicks in once the solar is paid off and is yours to keep. You will enjoy decades of “Free” energy.

However, the most crucial benefit consumers frequently highlight is solar panels’ environmental impact. But, that is not the only benefit of going solar in Colorado 

You might have heard about the numerous advantages of solar panels via neighbors, colleagues, and the internet. So let’s take a closer look at 3 reasons to install solar panels in Denver.
3 Reasons to install solar panels in Denver

Now, we can break down why solar panels in Denver are becoming so popular.

1. The Federal Tax Credit is a great reason to go solar now instead of waiting for the panels to drop in price. The federal tax credit is 26% of the total cost of installing solar panels for Denver residents. Although to be sure you are eligible to receive the Tax Credit, you should check with your current tax professional or CPA. The tax credit can be recouped over multiple years if necessary. The tax credit has accelerated the nationwide adoption of solar. However, the tax credit will drop to 22% by 2023 and then be gone for good by 2024. Solar panels have been declining in cost for the last two decades, and with help from the tax credit, the entire system installed is typically less expensive if paid in monthly installments than the monthly Xcel bill.

For more info on local tax incentives for Colorado residents, Click Here.

2. Denver residents can benefit from Xcel’s Net Metering program and get paid back for energy they produce but do not use! Sometimes, this can add up to a healthy chunk of change, and not every utility company honors Net Metering. Each home is different, and some homes happen to have more usable roof space for solar. Specifically south facing, slightly sloped, with minimal ventilation or obstructions. Solar companies in Denver would call such roofspace Prime Real Estate.

In addition, Denver residents have no alternatives for utility companies. They either receive energy service from Xcel, United Power, or CORE. These utility companies tack on a heavy service charge for using their grid. The tremendous cost of maintaining the grid could be eliminated or significantly reduced with the widespread adoption of solar.

3. Another benefit of utilizing energy from the sun would be that, aside from the initial setup, it is free.

Solar energy does not need costly and recurring raw resources such as petroleum or fuel, so it needs substantially less operating work than traditional power generation. Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore require no maintenance. Natural resources need not be continuously harvested, processed, or delivered to the power station. In the long run, this could save Denver residents a significant amount of money.

With these 3 Reasons To Install Solar Panels in Denver, it has never made more sense.

Solar energy’s capacity to generate power outside the grid is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to power homes in Denver.

Monthly power bills, the expense of building electric lines, and the grid’s maintenance are massive infrastructure costs passed on to Denver residents. 

Top three reasons to go Solar in Denver.

Let’s look at why many Denver residents are adopting solar.

  1. The Federal Tax Credit
  2. Xcel’s Net Metering
  3. Solar Energy is Free

Solar energy nowadays is advancing at a breakneck pace in Colorado! In addition, competent renewable technology experts all around the globe, notably within Europe, have been generating significant advances in solar energy. As a result, it has never been more cost-effective to go solar. Denver residents are undoubtedly familiar with checking up on their roofs after the frequent hail storms that seem to happen yearly.

It’s becoming more and more common to start looking into the cost of adding solar after a hail storm. If the price of a roof replacement following a hail storm is significant, it is probably a good time to see if solar is right for you. However, every insurance policy includes coverage for the roof in case of a hail storm. Therefore, adding solar only adds additional protection to your roof system. Of course, you will need to check that your contractor holds a master electrician’s license for solar and a GC or class B for roofing.

When asked, “Is solar good in Denver?’ the amount of usable south-facing roof space is usually the most critical factor.

Solar was formerly costly, extensive, or ineffective and is now getting more affordable and substantially more productive each year. Choosing whether to stick with the grid and watch your rates go up every year or deciding to install a PV solar panel system may be challenging, but remember that solar lasts for decades. Therefore, solar power is quickly becoming the first choice for Denver locals.
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