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3 Reasons To Add Battery Storage To Your Solar Panels

With summer blazing along and fall right around the corner, we figured this would be a good time to go over 3 reasons to add battery storage to your solar panels. We want homeowners with solar panels to know just how simple it is to get battery storage retrofitted.

Then, households can wait out a power outage in peace, enjoying all the comforts of a full-powered home, never mind neighbor Larry, who always shows up when the power is out because you accidentally showed off your new batteries when they were installed. However, adding battery storage to your solar panels is not cheap. So we have listed 3 reasons to add battery storage to your solar.

A battery is an excellent upgrade to harness the power of your current solar energy system. Blue Sky Solar’s install team came up with 3 reasons to add battery storage to your solar. In addition, the Energy Storage System is still eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit, so you are basically buying the battery on sale. A ten thousand dollar battery, is actually only going to cost you seven thousand dollars, if your tax professional determines you can recoup the entire credit on the first year.

Battery Storage

Adding battery storage is the best way to add efficiency and performance to your current solar setup, but most importantly, the power won't ever go out on your family again.

1.Protection From Smaller Blackouts
A battery backup option protects in the event of a power outage, which is the main reason to get one. A battery backup option can protect your home in the event of a power outage, either due to maintenance or a natural disaster, if there is an extended period without power. You may use your solar panels to replenish your solar batteries to keep your house powered. If you happened to be in Dallas or Houston in Febreary of 2021, having battery backup could easily have been the determining factor in your survival.
2.New TOU Billing Defence
Once your house has solar panels installed, your utility company has to change your billing. Blue Sky Solar customers are placed on a Net Meter Program.
Most utility companies are trending toward Time-of-Use billing. Not all utility companies are created equal; some are more “solar friendly” than others- learn more here. Learn about utility companies billing schedules here. With a TOU plan, your power costs vary with the time of day. Your solar battery storage system may store the energy it creates during the day when power is cheapest. The stored energy can be used at night when electricity is most expensive.
States without net metering make batteries more attractive. Backup battery systems will offset the increased price of electricity due to TOU billing. In addition, the battery backup system will save money on your electric bill by using stored energy during peak demand times.
3.Cyber Attack Defence
A solar panel system equipped with battery backup storage is realistically the only way to survive in the event of a Cyberattack on the grid. Batteries are becoming more widespread, where power outages are common or severe weather. If the power goes out, your battery system will keep the energy flowing for a preselected group of circuits or a critical loads panel. In addition, to a critical loads panel, a SMART HUB allows you to power essentials and control how the power gets distributed. Appliances like your computer, stove, fridge, and a good pump, could all be used at night, all controlled by a smartphone app.

With these 3 reasons to add battery storage to your current solar set-up. You should be ready to add batteries with no headaches.

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Let the Blue Sky Solar team look at your current solar setup or energy usage if you don’t have solar panels yet, and we will determine how efficient your home is. After reviewing your solar design or energy usage, we will know precisely how many batteries your use requires. Then we will determine if you have enough panels to charge the batteries quickly. Remember, the Federal Tax Credit still applies to battery backup.
3 reasons to add battery storage to your solar panels 3 reasons to add battery storage to your solar panels

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  • I find it fascinating that having the right batteries for your solar panels can provide a backup power source for unwanted outages. My uncle is looking for ideas that can help him save money during retirement. I think this can convince him to invest in solar panels if they are proven to work!

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