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3 Massive Hail Storms That Left Aurora Obliterated

Hail storms in Colorado are nothing new. But, the stormy state officially claimed the title in 2017. Texas has seen its share of massive storms, but Colorado completely reset the bar after getting pounded by a whopping 2.3 billion dollars single hail storm on May 8th, 2017. This gigantic storm seemed to unload damaging hail only in the most densely populated parts of the Denver Metro Area.


That storm started on the west side of town, first sending small hail to Evergreen and Genesee in the foothills. However, that was just the warmups, as she saved her energy for Lakewood and Denver. Next, Aurora and Commerce City got their turn before the storm turned north, looking at Real Estate to target. Eventually, she lost steam, winding down north of Greeley. Just like that, she was gone. Leaving nothing behind to remember her besides approximately 2 Billion dollars worth of damage to be repaired.

Although that specific storm only grazed Aurora, records show how Chaotic the weather can be for Aurora residents.

Aurora has endured 35 historical tornado events over the last 70 years. However, the most severe occurred on May 22nd, 2008. The tornado took one person’s life, then created more than $147 Million in damages, making it the costliest disaster on record in Colorado for a tornado.  

Owning a home in Aurora, Colorado, means you sit higher on the Tornado Index than the national average, you’re more likely to experience an earthquake than the state average, and you have twice the chance of getting slammed by a tornado than the rest of the state.

With droughts, blizzards, floods, and wildfires on The List, there were 3399 extreme weather events within 50 miles of downtown Aurora over the last 70 years. What a place to live!

Very heavy hail damage. Blue Sky Solar and Roofing replaced the roof.

Large hail with extensive damage. Blue Sky Solar and Roofing replaced the roof.

Aurora, Colorado, weather is tough on your roof, and you want to inspect it for damage after every hail storm!

Aurora, Colorado, is a beautiful place to live with some of the friendliest people on the planet. Just don’t ever underestimate the chaotic weather and what that means for homeownership. “Up to one-half of your homeowner’s insurance premium may be going toward hail and wind damage costs.” –Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

The severe weather can wreak havoc on your home. Even a mild windstorm in Colorado can cause tree limbs to break off and fall onto your home. Fallen tree branches can easily damage your roof shingles and the decking underneath. In addition, large hail storms can cause severe damage to your roof in less than a minute. 

The second costliest storm in the state of Colorado occurred on July 11th, 1990. The storm came in fast and focused her energy on the Denver Metro Area. This powerful storm devastated entire neighborhoods in minutes. The remnants of the old asphalt roofing material shredded like cheese, leaving thousands of roofs totaled out. The storm created damages equivalent to 1.27 billion dollars if measured in today’s dollars.

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing have an entire storm restoration department, ready for the worst hail storms Aurora offers.

If catastrophic damage to your roof occurs, call us immediately. Our team of trained roofing professionals has many years of experience in the storm restoration industry. The Blue Sky Roofing storm damage department will assess and document any new storm damage. Next, we will perform temporary repairs to mitigate the chance of more damage. All repairs, including temporary ones, will be documented and prepared for the property owner and the insurance claim handler. Finally, after receiving approval from the insurance claims adjuster, the team will begin to restore the home and rebuild it better than in pre-loss conditions. We will do better than that; we will often be able to bring your roof repair to a much better state. Once your insurance carrier deems your roof a total loss, we see this as our opportunity to influence an entire roofing industry. We will upgrade you to a fully functional power station out of your roof space.

Can an insurance claim be used to upgrade the roof with Solar Panels?

A new roof provides the highest level of protection from the elements for your home, including protection for your loved ones inside. You will be upgraded and able to harness the power of the sun. Producing energy and even making more than you need so you can turn the extra energy into cash in your pocket. We will show you how the federal tax credits can often wholly cover the installation costs of the Solar panels—ultimately allowing the solar panels to produce enough energy to replace what was supplied by your old utility company entirely. 

After being fully repaired from the storm damage, your new rooftop set-up will work for you. First, the roof with the addition of solar panels hooked up to the grid with the Net meter Program from Xcel. 

Sadly, severe damages from all the crazy Colorado weather that Aurora seems to attract might get overlooked entirely or even denied by an insurance adjuster.

What happens if my roof claim gets denied by my insurance adjuster on my home in Aurora?

Adjusters are not out of the ordinary to deny the first claims they get from a new storm. This technique is called “shutting down the storm,” and it’s saved for small questionable hail storms. A good insurance agent will have some influence if you can explain the situation. If you have damage yet, your claim was denied, and you see all the neighbor’s roofs getting replaced. It would be best if you got a reputable roofing contractor to inspect your roof immediately. 

Finally, leaving you with a report to be used to fight your insurance company’s denial. First, we will document all storm-related damages backed up by the Aurora Building Department’s specific codes list and how they apply. Then, we will put everything together in a PDF report showing why replacement of the roof is or isn’t necessary. Finally, we can break down our roof repair quote into Xactimate format. Xactimate is the same software the insurance carriers use when they write estimates. 

The goal is to prove to the insurance carrier, through pictures and code requirements specific to the City or the jurisdiction, how paying for a new roof now will save them money by ensuring the damage from this storm doesn’t lead to leaks. Even small hail can create damage to older, thin roofing systems. A denied claim on the record that led to leaks would be a nightmare for any insurance carrier. 

The Blue Sky Roofing Team will always fight for a fair insurance settlement for each customer. We work with local Public Adjusters when needed to abide by the strict insurance restoration guidelines. We don’t only look at the roof when we inspect a property for damages, but we include all the restoration work—making the claims process a little easier. 

With Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, the job gets done quickly and professionally and is always built to the Aurora Building Department codes. For an up-to-date list of current building code requirements for construction projects in the City of Aurora, go here.

Let’s start with a free, no-obligation consultation. A consultation will help our Energy Consultants explore solar solutions specific to your location and situation. Every home is different, and solar isn’t always a good solution. Blue Sky Solar consultants will provide a complete home energy audit and see what Energy Efficiency Solutions might benefit the home. After that, we can be sure to size the solar system appropriately.

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