Four Ways To Make Money With Solar Energy

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I’d be willing to bet that you are interested in supporting renewable energy, and maybe even becoming more sustainable yourself. But if I told you that you can make money supporting renewable energy, I’d be willing to bet you’d be a while lot more likely to be interested.

Well, the good news is that you absolutely can make money from renewable, in this case solar, energy. Here are five ways:

Purchasing your own solar panels

The most direct, and most obvious way to make money from solar energy is simply to buy your own solar panels. When you do this, you effectively produce your own energy, meaning you no longer have to pay for it, and depending on the state you live in, potentially can even sell it back to the grid. Moreover, your investment increases the value of your home. 

Invest in solar company stocks

You don’t have to drive a Tesla to understand that solar is the future. More companies are going solar. More government entities are pledging to go solar, and one of the biggest names in solar energy, Illumina, has enjoyed 1000% growth since 2000.In time, solar will be the new coal.

Solar income funds

Income funds are government handled entities, and because the government has committed to produce 15% of all energy by renewable sources by 2020, there is a ready-made market. What is needed is your investment. And once the solar projects are producing energy, you get paid.

Mini energy bonds

Energy companies have begun to recognize that solar is the way of the future, and in doing so, they have begun to produce energy with solar and other renewables. As a result, mini energy bonds are offered by energy companies to help support their renewable division. When you buy a mini energy bond, you basically invest in the solar power division of that company, and you get a share of the profits from the solar energy division – which are likely to be growing at a rate faster than the entire company itself. 


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