The First Storm Of 2020 A Shocker For Texans

Imagine tornado sirens, flooding in the Texas Health Hugely Hospital, a lightning strike that
started a fire and destroyed a 4,700 square foot home in Burleston, tornado warnings in Cooke,
Kaufman, Ellis, Bosque, Henderson, Navarro, and Somerville counties, a funnel cloud in the
Joshua area, and 1.5 inch hail in Everman, and you have Texas weather.

And it wasn’t just residents that were affected. Dallas Fort Worth airport cancelled 149 flights
and delayed another 114. Schools dismissed children early and cancelled all after school

Governor Greg Abbot asked that all Texans heed warnings, stay out of the storm’s path and pay
attention to weather alerts.

Flash flooding had many residents on high alert and for residents new to Texas, it was a powerful
reminder about knowing what to do when a tornado strikes.

As many as 75 counties in all were affected by the latest hailstorm – and the first of the 2020 –
from Aquila and Arlington to McGregor, Reno and Walnut Springs. Most reports came in around
1 to 1.5 inch hail. Yet time will tell what the damage will amount to.

The National Weather Service also issued warnings that damage might affect many vehicles and
if tornadoes were close for residents to go the lowest area of their home and seek shelter.

Aa many homeowners don’t have a garage or carport, autobody experts recommended covering
vehicles with anything from cardboard to bubble wrap – any sort of vehicle cover. Of course,
there was also the wind – gusts were reported anywhere from 17 mph to 32 mph, which again
can cause severe damage to homes and vehicles.

Again, time will tell the extent of the damage, but for now, many Texans are simple hoping the
worst is over.

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